Informatics Competencies

Instructions: These are 2 separate questions, so they are 2 separate papers.

At least 2 pages each: APA format. At least 2 references– Must NOT be over 5 years old.

1. 聽Informatics Competencies and Advanced Nursing Practice

According to the AACN (2006) Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice, DNP graduates are distinguished by their abilities to use information systems/technology to support and improve patient care and healthcare systems and provide leadership within healthcare systems and/or academic settings” (p. 12).

Reflect on the AACN DNP “Essential IV: Information Systems/Technology and Patient Care Technology for the Improvement and Transformation of Health Care” and your own technology experience and answer the following.

路 聽What were your initial thoughts on reading the AACN Information Systems/Technology Essentials for the DNP graduate?

路 聽Did you find any of the essentials surprising? Why or Why not?

路 聽Describe the changes you have seen in your practice setting over the past five years that have been brought about by the use of technology and evidence-based practice.

路 聽Describe the changes you expect to see in your practice setting over the next five years based on technology.

路 聽How have these changes affected nursing practice in your setting?

Supplemental reading:

McBride, S., & Tietze, M. (2018).聽Nursing informatics for the advanced practice nurse:Patient safety, quality, outcomes, and interprofessionalism. (2nd ed.). Springer Publishing.

路 聽Chapter 1: Introduction to Health Information Technology in a Policy and Regulatory Environment (p. 3-18)

路 聽Chapter 2: Advanced Practice Roles in Interprofessional Teams (p. 19-38)

路 聽Chapter 24: Developing Competencies in Nursing for an Electronic Age of Healthcare (p. 587-608)


Choi, J., & Zucker, D. M. (2013).聽Self-assessment of nursing informatics competencies for Doctor of Nursing Practice students聽(Links to an external site.).聽Journal of Professional Nursing, 29(6), 381-387.聽聽聽(Links to an external site.)

Kinnunen, U. M., Heponiemi, T., Rajalahti, E., Ahonen, O., Korhonen, T., & Hypp枚nen, H. (2019).聽Factors related to health informatics competencies for nurses鈥攔esults of a national electronic health record Survey聽(Links to an external site.).聽CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing, 37(8), 420-429.聽聽

2. Clinical Information Systems


Conduct an online search for two different EHR Software Solutions (e.g., eClinicalWorks, McKesson, Cerner, Allscripts, Athena Health, GE Healthcare, Epic, Care360, practice fusion, OPTUMInsight, NEXTGEN, etc.).

路 聽Briefly describe the selected EHR software solutions. Include three features of each software in the description.

路 聽Compare and contrast the benefits of the two selected EHR software solutions.

路 聽Select an EHR software solution that is best suited for your workplace environment. Identify the workplace environment (hospital, stand-alone private practice, etc.) and provide your rationale for the selected software.

Supplemental reading:

McBride, S., & Tietze, M. (2018).聽Nursing informatics for the advanced practice nurse:Patient safety, quality, outcomes, and interprofessionalism. (2nd ed.). Springer Publishing.

路 聽Chapter7: Electronic Health Records and Point of Care Technology. (p. 143 -174)

路 聽Chapter 9: Workflow Redesign in a Quality-Improvement Modality (p. 207-226)

路 聽Chapter 11: Electronic Health Records and Health Information Exchanges (p. 249-270)


Feldman, S. S., Buchalter, S., & Hayes, L. W. (2018).聽Health information technology in healthcare quality and patient safety: Literature review.聽(Links to an external site.)JMIR medical informatics,聽6(2), e10264.

Kruse, C. S., & Beane, A. (2018).聽Health information technology continues to show positive effect on medical outcomes: Systematic review聽(Links to an external site.).聽Journal of Medical Internet Research,聽20(2).


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1.Informatics Competencies And Advanced Nursing Practice

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1.Informatics Competencies And Advanced Nursing Practice

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