Task 1: Social determinants of health

Social determinants of health

Task 1: Social determinants of health.

  1. Introduction of Social determinants of health topic and researching the literature in this area may support and improve your work practices.

According to Australia’s health 2016, we can define social determinants of health as conditions in the setting where individuals live or are born. Researching this topic will help individuals affected in obtaining the required healthcare services and have many lives saved.

  1. Provide a clear statement defining the research objectives of your literature review
  • The objective is to find out the conditions in the setting where individuals are born, live, or work.
  • The research will evaluate and determine how to deal with the conditions reflected in the societal backgrounds.
  1. Describe the methods you used to systematically gather information for your literature review and explain why these were appropriate.

Observation – Since collecting data is essential in formulating the hypothesis, I accomplished this research as a complete observer. Based on the area of research, the observation method was the most effective since I diffused all the unwillingness of all individuals upon giving more information about the determinants of health and got the correct information I needed. Therefore, accurate results on the topic are obtained through this method of information collection.

Questionnaires – I organized questionnaires with topics or questions on the know-how of the economic stability of the society, their educational access and at what level, their health access, and the quality of the health they receive. With questionnaires, I collected correct information based on the topics mentioned above, which will in turn be used to assess the social determinants of health.

Rationale – Questionnaires and observations are relevant data and information collection methods since they allow for efficient data gathering from larger groups of individuals. With these methods, only the researcher or the observer needs to be present in the area where the research is to be conducted.

  1. Describe at least three credible sources of data and information you accessed for your literature review.

Chronic disease indicators – This source enabled me to retrieve data on the geographic area’s statistics on chronic diseases, the overarching conditions, which are social determinants of health, and the risk factors.

Infirmity of the Healthcare System – This helps access information on six functional disability types: hearing, vision, cognitive, mobility, independent living, and self-care. This source helps us know the health differences among the individuals with or without disabilities by their age or gender.

Local health data – Estimations will allow local health departments to better understand the burden of geographical health-related determinants, since data on the health sectors reflects what the patients experience. Efficiency and productivity in the local institutions will increase and reach the minimal standards.

  1. Explain how you determined whether the information you gathered was relevant to your chosen topic and research objectives.

The information and data that I collected reflected all the issues reported on the healthcare system. Based on the research, for example, more individuals are disabled due to the poor quality of the health care systems in the geographical area.

  1. Describe how you organized the data and information you gathered in a way that helped you to use it in your literature review.

For the data to help establish the determinants of health, I stored the collected information in tables where I would access it easily. Also, I used pie charts to track the fraction of adults verses the children affected. Then, with these data well organized, I used it in the topic of determinants of health.

  1. Describe how you prioritized which sources of data and information to discuss in your literature reviews.

I considered the type of topic I am handling and came up with the correct data sources and information to discuss. Sources like looking at the levels of chronic infections will highly help determine determinants of health.

Task 2: Social determinants of health.

  1. Identify at least two current trends in this topic area and evaluate their relevance to your area of professional practice.

Chronic conditions – A rise in preventable chronic conditions is a current trend on determinants of health because it is encouraging medical facilities to come together with software developers basing on the SDOH. This current trend enhances medical care organization’s in recognition and learning from all the latest SDOH statistics. Although regular and expensive, numerous ongoing chronic conditions are likewise preventable. Several chronic conditions are connected to individuals’ lifestyle decisions. Eating nutritious food varieties and abstaining from tobacco can reduce the risk of infections and disease. Furthermore, whether a patient has a coronary illness, diabetes, joint pain, or another illness, it is not irreversible. The solution is eating more nutritious food and increasing daily exercise. Whether it is an energetic walk, a bicycle ride, a run, or a swim, it can reduce illness and increase one’s life expectancy.

Digital health vendors – Considering different SDOH imbalances and trends, computerized wellbeing merchants have seized the chance to join medical care partners with the devices expected to handle SDOH. In addition, medical care associations offer help administrations, plan with local area associations, and offer well-being hazard evaluations.