Order 1103231: Clinical Case Study Post Op

Order 1103231: Clinical Case Study Post Op

ASSESSMENT Guidlelines
Assessment 1. Clinical Case Study (1,500 words) 40%


Relevant SILOs:

1. Apply the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Board [ANMB] Standards of Practice for a Registered Nurse when caring for individuals and their families, with Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Endocrine disorders


2. Describe the impact of hospitalisation on individuals and their families.



3. Provide person-centred care, using the Clinical Reasoning Cycle to individuals experiencing Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Endocrine disorders.



The purpose of this assessment task is to assess the student nurses ability to think critically and apply the clinical reasoning cycle to plan patient care.

As a Registered Nurse, you will be required to make judgments and prioritise your patients care multiple times per shift. This assessment task is designed to develop the sophisticated thinking abilities that are essential to prioritising, planning and providing safe and effective patient centred, nursing care.



In this Clinical Case Study, you will be required to select one (1) of the nursing problems provided below, discuss its relevance, then plan and evaluate patient centred, nursing care. The nursing problems all relate to Darren Roberts’ care in the first 4 hours of his discharge from PARU and return to the ward following his surgery.








Nursing Problem Statements [choose one (1) for your discussion]


· Potential for respiratory depression related to anaesthesia and opioid medications and would be evidenced by respiratory rate <10Rpm, SpO2<95%on RA and shallow breathing.


· Potential for hypovolemia related to fluid deficit and blood loss intraoperatively and would be evidenced by Pale, cold and clammy skin, decreased urine output, BP >90/60 and respiratory rate > 20Rpm.



· Risk of Nausea and/or Vomiting related to anaesthesia and opioid medications and would be evidenced by complaints of nausea and observed or reported vomiting


Required Sections


1. Discuss the importance of the Nursing Problem you have chosen and why it is a particular risk for Darren in the first 4 hours of his return to the surgical ward.

· Use Darren’s data and documentation from the Enquiry to inform this discussion; this does not require APA6 referencing.

· Use evidenced based nursing literature to support your discussion; this does require APA6 referencing.

Approximately 500 words


2. Write one Patient Centred SMART Goal for Darren’s Nursing Problem that you have selected. Approximately 1 to 2 sentences


3. Provide three (3) relevant Nursing Interventions designed to achieve the selected SMART Goal.

Discuss each intervention separately and include evidenced based rationales for the intervention; this does require APA6 referencing. Approximately 600 words (200 for each intervention)


4. Discuss the evidenced based assessments you would use to evaluate the effectiveness of implemented nursing interventions; this does require APA6 referencing. Approximately 400 words




· Ensure your name and student ID are clearly marked on your paper  You may use headings to identify each section if you wish.

· Where you have been asked to ‘discuss’ will be expected to write in academic fashion. i.e. –not use bullet points, but paragraphs and sentences.

· Use APA6 referencing throughout –except when using Darren’s documentation provided on the LMS.

· Reference list in APA6 style to be included.

· Suggested word count for each section is a guide only.

· You are not required to provide either an introduction or a conclusion.

· You do not have to submit the marking rubric, as we will be using the Turnitin rubric for feedback.


Hyperlinks: Referencing Tool , Referencing at LaTrobe

General information: (hyperlinks to details in Subject Learning Guide)

· Academic Integrity/Originality

· Submission details/Turnitin

· Extensions

· Penalties


Refer to http://www.latrobe.edu.au/policy/ for information about:

· Extension to Submission Dates

· Late Submission of Assessment Tasks

· Special Consideration

· Academic Integrity

· Academic Progress

· Assessment and Feedback

· Occupational, Health and Safety [OHS]

· Privacy

· Student Charter

· Use of Electronic Mail


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