NUR3636 All Units Discussions

NUR3636 All Units Discussions

Question: Eastern Florida 2019 May NUR3636 All Units Discussions latest.

NUR3636 Community Health Across the Lifespan.

Unit 1 Discussion

DQ1 Identify one peer reviewed article on disease-base
verses a wellness-based approach to the health of our population. Which is more cost effective, easily
implemented, effective way to manage healthcare? Provide examples of both.

Review articles posted by classmates. Do you agree or disagree with their
comparisons? Is there any information
you would add to their evaluation?

DQ2 What part of community health practice interests
you? If you were to work in a community
setting, what would it be?

If you prefer not to work in a community setting now or in
the future, what are the primary reasons for this decision? if you work in an
institution, how will community health pro-active influence your client care

NUR3636 Community Health Across the Lifespan

Unit 2

DQ1 Identify a peer reviewed article on recent trends in
healthcare related to culture or ethics.
Analyze the trend. What was done
previously? How has this trend affect
how nurses provide care? Do you see this
as a long term change in healthcare?

Review information posted by classmates. What are your thoughts on this trend? Is there any information you would add to
their evaluation?

DQ2 What if public opinion surveys about professional aid in
dying suggested that 50% to 75% of adults favor allowing health care
professionals to assist the suicide of those who are terminally ill? Nurses, however, are ethically and legally
prohibited from assisting the suicide of anyone and participating in acts of
euthanasia. What should the nurse do
when a terminally ill and suffering client asks the nurse to help her/him die?

Community Health Across the Lifespan

Unit 3

DQ1 Differentiate between health disparities and healthcare

DQ2 Describe the major areas of law impacting health care?

Community Health Across the Lifespan

Unit 4 Discussion

DQ1 Disaster management carries specific responsibilities
for the nurse. Identify two disasters,
they can be natural or man-made. How
would you approach each disaster using the disaster management cycle?

DQ2 Consider the last disaster you were a part of. How did you prepare, respond and recover? How
did this disaster affect the community?

How would you prepare for it if it occurred in the future.

Community Health Across the Lifespan

Unit 5

Find and review your state nurse practice act and define
your scope of practice. Give examples of your practice boundaries?

NUR3636 Community
Health Across the Lifespan

Unit 7 Discussion

If you think that the drinking water in your community is
contaminated from polluted sources, how would you go about verifying your
concerns? Who would you contact? What would your sources of information
be? If you find that you are correct,
what steps would you take to remedy this environmental health problem?

Community Health Across the Lifespan

Unit 8 Discussion

DQ1 View the attached video.
Do you think this is a system that would work for health promotion?

(Links to an external site.)

Visit the Healthleads website at (Links to an external site.) With health promotion, how can a service like
this work?

DQ2 Explain why outreach, case findings, and comprehensive
services are important for ensuring access to health care services for
vulnerable population groups.

Community Health Across the Lifespan

Unit 9 Discussion

DQ1 Differentiate and give examples among primary,
secondary, and tertiary prevention of communicable disease.

DQ2 Why is HBV, which is a blood-borne pathogen, more of a
public health concern than HIV?

Why does the controversy exist about the HBV vaccine?

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