Choose a contemporary moral issue in our society and apply the ethical principle of utilitarianism to approve this moral issue. You must pick a moral issue that you strongly support and apply the utilitarian claims. Apply the four major points of utilitarianism, apply Bentham’s Felicific Calculus, and apply the utilitarian claims. this moral issue. You must pick a moral issue that you strongly support and apply the utilitarian claims. Apply the four major points of utilitarianism, apply Bentham’s Felicific Calculus, and apply the utilitarian claims.

Application of Bentham and Utilitarianism to Ethics Issue

Bentham’s moral philosophy reflects what he in various cases called the best pleasure rule or standard of utility, terms he borrowed from Hume. However, in promoting this guide, he or she not only demonstrates the usefulness of something or an activity, but also shows that it increases overall satisfaction. Most importantly, at this point ethical obligations are those that create the best level of satisfaction for most people, and joy is determined by the presence of passion and the absence of suffering. Hence, Bentham considers using policy means as a rule that supports or disapproves of any activity, as indicated by a seemingly necessary tendency to increase or decrease the happiness of the collection whose interest is shown whatever the exact same thing in the end, it is a matter of awakening or resisting this satisfaction.

Bentham’s ethical mindset then unmistakably reflects his mental view that people’s main inspiration is joy and torment. Bentham admits that he disagrees with the submission of utility rules to coordinate the review, but notes that this is not a problem because some of the illustrative standards of such confirmations don’t give up and any clarification has to start somewhere (Müller-Schneider 32). Without other people, it’s not clear why other people’s satisfaction – or general happiness – should be combined. In addition, he offers a variety of ideas that can be applied in responding to why we should worry about the happiness of others.

According to utilitarianism, a standard of utility is something that people clearly or distinctly allude to in their actions, and which can be learned and confirmed through basic perceptions. Utilitarian undoubtedly believes that all current frameworks of ethical qualities are reduced to compassion and hatred, which clearly characterize usefulness. Another proposition of Bentham is that if we accept pleasure as acceptable, then it is acceptable regardless of whose pleasure it is; hence, the ethical order to seek or enhance pleasure has independent power over the specific interests of the individual agent (Müller-Schneider 65). In addition, utilitarianism advises people to seek total happiness basically because the interests of others are closely intertwined with their own, but he believes this is something that people can overlook. Utilitarianism specifically pointed out that it is the duty of civil servants to make clear evidence of these interests as a matter of course and, if necessary, to combine different interests.

Utilitarianism decided that there was an ethical mindset that depended on a measure of utility. In both cases, the utility standard is clear as opposed to other good standards, allows for impartial and impartial public discussion, and allows choice when an authentic conflict of interest exists. In addition, there is an important commitment to human unity in identifying the joys and torments associated with game-planning (Daniel 34). The utility guidelines suggest that one person is worth exactly as much as another, so the belief is, to create the best possible enjoyment, each one should mean one, and neither should mean much. Then for both utilitarianism and Bentham, at this point there is no deviation between the best standards of happiness and his mental contentment and conceit (Daniel 46). The two philosophies hold that ethical or moral thought patterns could be described as specifically directing male activity to create thought that satisfies as best as possible.


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