ATI Comprehensive Predictor Fundamentals

ATI Comprehensive Predictor Fundamentals

ATI Comprehensive Predictor Fundamentals.

Osteoporosis-vitamin D(fish ,egg yolk,milk,cereal) calcium(milk,green,beans,figs)


Toddler-separation anxiety give choices


Preschooler-magical thinking,simple clear language,choices and independence,thought its punishment


Oxygen therapy-no electrical razor ,radio,tv hearing aids ,no gas range,no extension cord No woolen blankets,synthetic fabric,cotton is good

No oil ,alcohol based products

Oxygen tank stored upright ,not on their side Positions-Lithotomy position-pap smear

Electroconvulsive therapy-short term memory loss side effect



Xanthelasma? Yellowish plaques that occur in inner canthus on eyelid cholesterol


Beclomethasone inhaler?rinse mouth? Rinse your mouth after each dose

Prevent symptoms wheezing & shortness of breath by asthma


Ranitidine? Take morning? Upright for 1hr? Histamine to block treat and prevent ulcers in stomach intestine,risk for developing pneumonia

Antacid, 8 weeks of heal—taken once a day at bedtime or 2 or 4 times a day. 30-60minits

before eating .


Thrombocytopenia? Low blood platelet count ,stop bleeding by clumping & forming plugs in blood vessel/injuries


Atenolol? Beta Blocker slow pacing

look out for lower too much cardiac output Blood pressure cardiac output

Nitroglycerin vasodilator? Open cardiac


Timolol eye drops?teaching? Beta blocker drug reduces pressure in the eye Inner lacrimal

Wash hands Don’t blink

Closed pressure to inner corner of the eye for 1 to 2 minutes Wipe excess medication


Zolpidem : sedative, treats insomnia ,falls asleep faster, stay asleep longer


Flexed hip? Dependent client moves up the draw sheet ?repositioning? Flexed hip move up